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PersonalOptical Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill

Eyewear Fashionista at Large

You want to talk about eyewear?  Rachel is your gal.  With an Optician as a father and 20 years as a Licensed Optician herself she has given her the experience she needs to help you.  She is very  honest and opinionated but will not make you cry.  Rachel is just as passionate at finding the right look at you are.

This Eye Gal hand selects each frame that you find at Personal Optical, whether attending shows in Toronto or New York city she will find the right frame for you. She is determined to change the look of Niagara one face at a time.



Licensed Optician

Randy White

Golf Expert / Visual Enhancer

When Randy isn’t working and the snow hasn’t started to fly he will be found on the golf courses of Niagara.  Unfortunately he can’t play everyday and to finance this hobby he does work at Personal Optical as well.

Randy would probably prefer us not to tell you, but he has been licensed for over 30 years.  The ladies love Randy because he will give the male opinion.

You many recognize Randy in the winter months as a Dart expert and the office wrestling team champion.

Dr Frank Robertson

Eclectic Music Lover / Professional Eye Poker

Dr Robertson is our friendly Optometrist.  We have been his neighbour for the last 7 years.  In between patients Dr Frank is usually getting updates on the afternoon Blue Jay games or ordering more LP’s from Amazon.  

Also having over 20 years of experience Dr Robertson is very thorough with his exams.  Just like his interest sports he is always on his game with the latest technology and contact lens products.

Randy White

Licensed Optician

Dr Frank Robertson


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